How to Choose Shirts for a Good Impression?

Everyone wants to make a good impression. Learn how to choose shirts for a good impression. Be sure to stand out among the crowd when applying for a job, giving a presentation, or attending a party.

Here are some tips on how to choose shirts to impress.

Know Your Size

A shirt that fits you perfectly can make you look impressive. Buying clothes from a local shop will allow you to try on clothes. Yet, if you are buying several pieces, trying them can be time-consuming. Buying clothes online can be difficult if you do not know your size. You can end up with a shirt that is too tight or too loose, too long or too short.

Wearing a shirt that fits you right will make you look impressive.

Dress for the Occasion


Are you having an interview for your dream job? Choose shirts for a good impression. For interviews, choose formal wear. A button-down shirt will suit the event. You can choose a classic black or white shirt. If you are not a fan of black or white, wear button-down shirts in light blue or light pink. You can also wear a dress shirt in the same shade. Avoid too bright colors because they can distract the interviewer.

For men going on a date, the best attire is a collared shirt. A button-up shirt with a classic print for a dinner date is appropriate. When dressing for the office or for weddings, an Oxford button-down shirt is best.

Dress for the Season

Dressing in a long-sleeved shirt when the sun is scorching hot can make people curious. They might think that you are hiding something under those sleeves. Or you are suffering from a disease that makes you feel cold all the time.

Learn how to choose shirts for a good impression during the different seasons. Sleeveless shirts in light fabrics will make you look smart and cool despite the summer heat.

During winter, long-sleeved flannel shirts are a good choice. You can also opt for classic shirts made of wool.


Having the skill on how to choose shirts for a good impression will help one stand out among the crowd. People will notice you because of your smart and cool look.

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