About Us

Clothing that will give you an EDGE in every situation

EDGE INTERNATIONAL was born in 1986, out of the desire to create quality clothing that looks great and is truly comfortable. Since the company’s inception, we have strived to offer a wide variety of shirts made from 100% cotton, or various polyester/cotton blends on an international scale. Our continual goal is to turn Edge International into a globally acclaimed Fashion Lifestyle & Clothing Brand, becoming a worldwide leader in terms of creative designs and quality of craftsmanship.

Our team of highly experienced clothing designers work round-the-clock in order to come up with new designs that cater to the needs of a young, hip, and always fashionable generation that likes to always have an edge to their personality. 

We take care of everything from shirt design, to the manufacturing process and the distribution of our products in order to ensure that only the highest quality items reach our customers. Edge International offers a wide variety of shirts, alongside clothing from two other brands designed for those who always like to look sharp, namely AELLE Fashion , ADEN Clothing , JR Shirt , SOFT Casuals  

In order to continue to offer the same quality of craftsmanship and stylistic design, we are currently focusing on only supplying whole-sellers world-wide with our shirts.



We believe that the only way to ensure that only the best products reach our customers is to handle every step of their creation ourselves. Starting with the design process and the creation of our shirts from gray cloth, and finishing with packaging and delivery, we handle everything in-house. After all, quality control should be a part of every step of the manufacturing process.

Our employees spent countless hours honing our manufacturing process in order to create not simple shirts, but ones that will remain fresh and edgy for life.

The brand philosophy that powers Edge International consists of three simple, yet extremely powerful concepts: Being Fearless with our Designs, Paying Attention to Details, and Remaining True to Ourselves and to our Customers.

What Our Collection Offers?

  • We have designed our Men’s Fashion Collection based on current international trends, introducing a wide range of colors, prints, and edgy designs that will be just as fresh in the years to come. The collection offers a wide range of designs that are suited for a variety of occasions.

  • All our shirts are designed to give you a sharp, fresh look, without compromising comfort. You will look great and feel great in our gear. Our shirts come in Slim Comfort, Slim Skinny, Skinny, and Comfort, making them perfect for anyone regardless of build or size.

  • Our extreme attention to details and the care with which we manufacture our clothing will always remain the same. As will our belief that in order to create something truly amazing we must remain true to ourselves and to our customers.

We Offer Private Label Clothing

  • Our facilities enable us to take care of the design, manufacturing, and packaging processes in-house, providing us with the means to offer private label clothing. In other words, we, as the Original Design Manufacturer (OEM/ODM) take care of everything from sourcing the material to delivering the finished products that are made to the custom design and measurements offered by our clients.

  • We are currently able to manufacture up to 50,000 units per month, so and our facilities are more than adequate to work with both larger international clothing labels, as well as small start-ups and low MOQ manufacturers. Our objective is to simplify the private label clothing process by offering a quick turnaround time for samples and the actual products while keeping the costs low without compromising our robust quality control process. 

  • Our speedy delivery time, state-of-the-art infrastructure and simplified procedures have made us the preferred clothing manufacturer for our overseas clients.


Edge International is one of the leading shirt manufacturers based in Ahmedabad, India. We have 40 years of experience in producing and exporting high-quality clothing for clients all over the world. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and brand philosophy have made us well-known in Casualwear and Urbanwear clothing markets from all over the world.

We believe that in order to create high-quality clothing, we must only use the best types of fabric. Our shirts are made from 100% Cotton, as well as Polyester-Cotton blends, which we can dye in solid colors, stripes, checks, dobby, jacquard, twill, plain patterns, or various prints.

Yes, we do produce private label clothing, and our process is relatively simple. You must first tell us what you want:

  • Fabric type/quality;
  • Specification/Sampling data sheet;
  • The desired measurements, sizes, and/or a sample that we can use as a pattern;

Please keep in mind that in order to develop new fabrics we require to first have all design-related specifications, including color references. This should ideally be done using the Make To Order Shirt Pantone Matching System .

Our infrastructure enables us to take care of every aspect of manufacturing, from choosing and dyeing the fabrics to the actual making of our shirts. This gives our Quality Control Department the ability to constantly test our products and to supervise them every step of the way.

We verify the quality of our shirts at key points in time:

  • We check the greige, or unbleached, material for imperfections;
  • We assess the quality of the processed fabric;
  • We check the product at the time of the stitching, while it is in the machine;
  • We perform a final inspection in order to ensure that everything is perfect;

It is important to mention the fact that ALL the shirts that we ship go through extensive QC in order to ensure that only the best products reach our customers;

The production lead time depends on the amount of work involved in manufacturing the clothing. It usually takes anywhere between 7 to 21 days in order to complete an order, however, some may be delivered even faster.

We confirm the delivery dates at the moment when an order is placed in order to ensure that our clients are kept in the look at all times. We strive to always keep to our committed delivery dates so that issues with the supply chain will never affect the business of our customers.

We generally accept production orders that start at 150 units per style, with at least 50 products per colorway. However, we are also able to supply smaller quantities, with an nominal payment. The surcharge depends on the type and quality of the clothing.

We are happy to supply our clients even with small quantities of products, and will treat all orders with the same care and professionalism regardless of size.

Unfortunately, there is no way to lower our prices and still maintain the same level of quality that we strive to be known for. However, if you wish to work with a brand that produces and sells well-made, durable clothing, then EDGE INTERNATIONAL can cater to your needs and offer a fair price.

Our company believes that in order to create great products we must only use the best materials and production techniques. Our ability to control even the smallest aspects of the production process ensures that only the best products reach our customers.